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New Patient Info

Are you ready to take control of your health?
The first step is to become a member of Oubre Medical.

It’s no secret that healthcare can be confusing, overwhelming, and the kind of worry that can keep you up at night. No one should have to live with chronic health issues, pain, or even feeling sluggish, and be left on their own to navigate back to good health. You and your family deserve the peace of mind that a membership with Oubre Medical offers.

Founded in 2016, Oubre Medical has designed a team approach to help you reverse disease and feel your best. We know that each of our patient’s lifestyle and health needs are unique, that’s why we have a personalized approach to your wellbeing. You can start to feel better just knowing that your wellness plan will be facilitated by licensed MD’s, specially-trained nurse practitioners, accredited nutritionists, and mental health experts.

Your health is an investment - the best long term investment you can make. Our membership-based practice ensures that you and your family receive the consistent care you need to get and stay healthy. Our goal is your good health, our priority is your peace of mind. While we have several membership options, all include:

  • Office visits
  • Provider consults
  • Online Zoom visits
  • Phone consultations
  • Email correspondence

We would be delighted to be a part of your health journey. If you would like to enroll as a member, please call/text us at the main number (512-829-1104) or email us at today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I live out of town?

No Problem! We are now seeing out of town patients without having to see you in person beforehand.

Can you be my PCP?

The term Primary Care Physician was created for insurance companies to dictate and streamline who their members saw through the policies that they offered. Since we do not accept insurance, our practice does not fit within this term. However, patients who want a place to call “home” for their health care needs, it is our goal to be the first point of contact for our patients and to offer a consistency that can be depended on.

Are Urgent Care / Sick Visits included in the membership?

While we do not want our office to be confused as an ER, we do encourage our patients to call us for sick visits, which are included in the membership. In times when life gets yucky and you need to see a doctor, we ask that you call our main line as soon as possible the morning of the issue and ask to speak to our staff. We will triage your situation and coordinate items like diagnostic pieces and time with providers. We ask that you allow us 24 to 48 hours for these issues, but we will always try to address them same day. If a call is received after 12 noon on a business day, it is likely that the issue may not be addressed until the next business morning. In cases of chest pain, shortness of breath, and/or other serious concerns, we will direct you to the ER and ask you not to wait for time with Oubre Medical.

How many visits do I get with this monthly membership?

Our membership does not equate to “1 visit a month.” The number of visits will depend on your plan of care and as mentioned previously, you are an active participant in the creation of your plan of care. However, with the time intensity that comes with establishing care, it is common to see multiple members of the team sometimes monthly at the beginning and then over time with less frequency.

What is the difference between the monthly and annual plans?

The only difference between an annual payment and monthly debits is a discount for annual payments made in full.

(The discount only applies to practitioners with a monthly membership option as an incentive to sign up for the year.)

All membership payments are non-refundable.

What isn’t included in the membership?

These will all accrue additional costs outside of the membership fee. As an active participant with the creation of your plan of care, these pieces will be upon your discretion. Please know though that the comprehensive lab work that we ask our patients to begin with is a critical piece to how our providers create unique plans of care per patient.

Estimates can be provided per purchase inquiry or transaction.

What is your cancellation policy?

The monthly subscription model we have designed is created to place the patient’s needs as first priority. We invest in our patient upfront through time intensity. This model does leave us financially vulnerable if a member decides to cancel early. However, we do not ask our patients to sign a contract to participate in our membership program. We believe in the type of medicine that we practice, and we expect our patients to love it. If you are not happy with our care, then we do not want to inhibit you from finding the practitioner that will help you meet your health goals.

Do I get a refund if I cancel?

Monthly subscription payments will not be refunded. If a monthly debit membership becomes delinquent or you choose to cancel, payments will simply cease and you will not be charged moving forward. Please note that cancellation of the monthly recurring option (courtesy) will forfeit your ability to utilize the monthly debit benefit. If at any point you would like to rejoin, then the purchase of an annual program will be required before a return appointment can be scheduled. The annual payment is non-refundable.

How much do services at Oubre Medical cost?

Personalized health and nutrition services start just $200/month, but no matter if you're just looking for a single bottle of supplements, or a fully bespoke in-home treatment plan from our top-rated doctors, Oubre Medical has products and services available to help you reach your health goals, on your budget. Contact us today to learn more!