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Cancer Care

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Cancer Care

We treat cancer differently.  In America, cancer care can make you feel like you are in a hopeless pit of despair.  We strive to change that.  We treat you as a person, using hope and compassion -- instead of treating you as a diagnosis.

Getting a diagnosis of cancer can feel overwhelming.  It doesn't need to be.  There are many functional medicine treatments that can help you extend your life, reduce your cancer burden, and improve your overall quality of life.

Finding out that chemotherapy and radiation is difficult to tolerate might feel defeating - until you find out that treatments like mistletoe, fasting, and supplements can reduce side effects significantly.

You may have been led to believe that genetics are the cause of cancer, but genetics only account for 5-10% of cancer.  Most cancers are caused by toxic overload.  Toxins come from multiple sources: 

  • living organisms inside your gut
  • mold toxins in the air
  • chemicals in your water
  • and heavy metals in your food.

cancer kindness

How do we treat cancer differently?

We start by listening to you.  We want to hear your story.  How did you get to this scary diagnosis?  This helps us unravel the root causes of your cancer diagnosis.  Chances are that you developed cancer because of toxic overload, and we have to narrow down which type of toxin is the problem.  By reducing toxic burden, we restore your body, which gives you a fighting chance at killing cancer cells.

In addition to reversing root causes of disease, we focus on slowing the cancer's growth.  We do this mainly from a 2 pronged approach: 

  • Inhibit cancer's growth
  • Stimulating death of cancer cells

curcumin anti-inflammatory for cancer

How do I inhibit growth of cancer cells?

You have probably never heard that cancer can be sped up or slowed down.  Underlying hidden or silent factors can be driving your cancer.  We teach you how to get in the driver's seat and slow cancer down.  Sugar, inflammation, and poor detox speed up cancer tremendously. 

We slow cancer's growth by:

  • reducing sugar intake to a ketogenic diet
  • increasing nutrient dense foods
  • adding anti-inflammatory supplements
  • IV infusions to remove toxins
  • balancing hormonal triggers

high dose vitamin c iv infusion

How do I stimulate death of cancer cells?

Your immune system is a secret weapon against cancer.  It is the best defense against cancer, and if you currently have cancer, it's asleep at the wheel.  We focus on restoring the immune system, and we even push it into over-drive to fight off cancer with fevers!

Our goal while you're in treatment is to hurt the cancer cells on multiple pathways while simultaneously restoring your own pathways.

Some of our treatments to stimulate cell death are:

  • Mistletoe injections / infusions
  • High dose vitamin C infusions
  • IV ozone infusions
  • Infrared sauna / hyperthermia
  • Prolonged fasting
  • No sugar food plan (ketogenic)
  • Increase micro-nutrients

We treat cancer differently.  Contact us to get started on your healing journey.