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Natural Ways to Restore Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Ways to Restore Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not a popular topic among men although it affects many men across the world. ED has many causes, including psychological and physical. Psychological: I believe that most of my patients suffer from psychological ED secondary to stress. The second leading psychological cause of ED is loss of confidence. It only takes one dysfunctional erection to shake a male’s confidence. After this single event, he will always worry that this will be another occasion that he is not able to step up to bat. This additional worry on top of an already strained psyche leads to further erectile dysfunction. As you can see, it becomes a snowball effect and erections become...

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Improve Energy Levels with Mind-Body Exercises

Improve Energy Levels with Mind-Body Exercises Are you a typical American pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion? Are you a parent with small children (or even grown children) who cannot get enough rest? Do you feel like a zombie walking through life? Sometimes even moaning as you walk through the door for the day? You might have adrenal dysfunction or adrenal fatigue. I am a huge believer in adrenal dysfunction, and I believe many Americans suffer with it. For me personally, treating my adrenals appropriately has made a huge difference. I want to save you some exhausting steps by sparing you some heartache. If you plan to take supplements and herbs for your adrenals without working on your mind-body...

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A Simple Way to Improve Brain Fog

A Simple Way to Improve Brain Fog Have you ever tried typing on a keyboard that is missing keys? Probably not. Do you think you could read sentences that are typed on a keyboard missing keys? “It tuns out that if you ty to ead sentenes that ae missing lettes, you an still undestand the majoity of the ontext. It takes moe fous, onentation, and effot, but you an still do it.” As you can probably tell from the context above, you can still read sentences even if they’re missing letters. It takes more mental effort and some of the specifics are unclear. What about if the letters are mixed up? “I cnduo’t bvleiee taht I culod aulaclty uesdtannrd waht...

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