Supplements are nutritional additives often used to balance hormones, manage inflammation, battle free radicals, improve mental function, and they are often used to kill bacteria or yeast growth.

How can supplements help me?

Supplements can help in various ways. They may increase your body’s antioxidant potential. If you’re a long-distance runner, you create lots of free radicals that your body has to detoxify every time you run. Over the years, your body becomes depleted in glutathione (your natural antioxidant). By taking extra N-Acetyle Cysteine, you can encourage glutathione production which allows you to keep running with less damage. After all, fitness is essential for longevity.

Supplements can also be used to balance hormones. Many times hormones become imbalanced because hormone metabolites are not being removed quickly enough. Consider your sink overflowing with water. Although the overflowing water is the problem you are worried about, the cause of the problem is the drainage. This is identical to many hormone imbalances. A female’s estrogen levels may be extremely high causing irritability, poor sex drive, and PMS which seems like the problem, but it is actually the poor removal of estrogen that is the cause of the problem. Therefore, we frequently fix hormone imbalances by improving the drainage of metabolites and allowing the body to naturally bring the hormone levels down.

On the other hand, if your body is not making enough of the hormone like in adrenal dysfunction. We can add supplements that slow the body’s breakdown of this hormone. Since it is not broken down, it begins to elevate naturally. As it elevates, you feel better. Meanwhile, we will work on restoring the body’s natural ability to produce the hormone without the supplement.

Myth: “I don’t believe in supplements. I can get all of my nutrition from food.”

A common reason that people do not think supplements work is because they have taken them before without benefit. One reason for this is poor quality regulation. The FDA does regulate supplements, but they are not as regulated as prescription drugs. Many supplement companies list ingredients on the label yet the active ingredient is not even present in their product. So, if you take the supplement that is supposed to boost energy, but it does not have the active is unlikely to work.

This is why it is crucial to use reputable vitamin companies that have their products tested to prove the active ingredients. Reputable companies use third-party testers that have no interest in their company to test their products. At Oubre Medical, we only recommend high-quality supplements from companies that we have experience with.

High quality supplements are expensive.

We understand that high quality supplements can be a financial burden. However, if you are not operating fully every day you are not maximizing your financial opportunity. I encourage people to start with the high quality supplements. If you show signs of improvement, then you know what to expect. Then, you can switch to a lower quality supplement to see if it still works for you. However, if you notice your symptoms returning, then you should purchase the higher quality supplements. It would be better to take high quality supplements less often than low quality supplements every day

Myth: Supplements just make expensive urine and stool.

While it is true that your body excretes most of the supplements that you consume on a daily basis, there are two benefits to this pass through effect. First, these supplements are not accumulating in your system. Second, they exert a pass through effect. This means that they are affecting your body while they pass through – they do not need to stay in your system forever. Similar to drugs. For instance, if you take Ambien, you don’t sleep forever. You want it to wear off. Many people noticed that when you take a high quality vitamin, your urine turns a bright glorious fluorescent yellow. People think that this means the vitamin is not working. Actually, it means that your body appropriately absorbed it from your digestive tract, took it into the bloodstream, then filtered it out through the kidneys. Your body took what it needed, and urinated out the extra.

The human body is extremely complex. No one fully understands it. If you give your body the entire B complex, yet it only needs B5 it will only take B5 while excreting the rest. You may not know which B vitamin your body is removing from the B complex, but you must understand that you gave your body the opportunity to grab whichever B vitamin that it needed. This is true for most supplements.

If you don’t believe supplements are real, I encourage you to buy a bottle of niacin. Take two or three niacin on empty stomach and tell me that nothing happened.

Why do I need supplements?

We live in a toxic world. Our bodies are constantly barraged with fake estrogens, new chemicals, and pharmaceutical drugs. We are living longer than we have ever lived before. It is difficult for a body to live 100 years and fully function — yet many of us are expected to live that long.   How many 100 year olds do you know that are still active and alive with great brain function? Do you want to live fully until your last breath?

If you want to live a long, healthy life with sharp cognitive function and strong physical function for many years, you may want to listen to your body and check your vitamin levels. You may be missing a nutrient that will affect you in the long run. Microscopic toxic substances accumulate now, but they may take decades to cause damage that you notice. Your unexplained high blood pressure at age 50 may be a side effect of a toxic substance that was not taken care of in your earlier years. Your neuropathy that starts as tingling toes may be a mercury accumulation. If you could get rid of that toxic substance by simply swallowing supplements, your future self would thank you.

In the Austin and Dripping Springs areas, there are several great places to shop for supplements.  If you would like to shop online and utilize our online store called Healthwave, simply click the link.

We can also create a prescription of supplements for you on the store. We will tailor the list to exactly which supplements that we recommended, including brand, dosage instructions, and reason for taking. If you would like us to create this prescription, send us an email and request it.

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