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Provider Memberships, including Support Staff visits

Provider 1 Person 2 People Family (3+)
Dr. Oubre and entire Oubre Medical Staff $5000 annually $7500 annually $8500 annually
Dr. Oubre and entire Oubre Medical Staff $500 monthly $750 monthly $850 monthly
Support Staff membership (no medical provider, subject to availability) Starting at $200 monthly
“Trial” Visit with Dr. Oubre (90 minutes) $750

Vitamin Infusions

Dr. Oubre’s Custom Protocols (10 infusions)

Mitochondrial Restoration Protocol $4,000
Detoxification Protocol $3,500
Immune Recovery Protocol (High Dose Vitamin C) $2,600
Myers and Glutathione Protocol $1,995

Cost for Individual Infusion

IV Insertion Charge $75
Myers Cocktail $75
Glutathione Infusion $75 per vial
High Dose Vitamin C $75 per vial
Alpha Lipoic Acid $30 per vial
High Dose Magnesium (Migraine / Anxiety) $15
Trace Minerals $50
Saline Hydration / IV Solution $50

Lipid Therapy

Phosphatidylcholine (Essentiale N) $20 per ampule
Sodium phenylbutyrate $40 per vial

Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Females (Estrogen and Testosterone Pellets) $300
Males (Testosterone, Anastrozole, and Finasteride Pellets) $450

Prolotherapy (PRP and Stem Cell Therapy)

PRP Injections $700 – $900
Stem Cell Injections $5,000 – $7,500
Call for pricing $700 – $7,500

Out of Town Patients

I live in Texas but not in Austin.
I do not live in Texas. Or, I live in another country.