Nutritional EvaluationNutritional and Fitness Evaluations

Austin Nutritional Evaluation

The Austin nutritional evaluation is the most important portion of your medical exam. Food is information to our DNA. The food you eat tells your body to activate or deactivate DNA, it stimulates mitochondria to make energy, and it signals your glands to make hormones. You need to make sure that you are eating the right foods for your DNA, your health issues, and your personal goals. Without the appropriate nutritional intake, you are destined for failure, regardless of your doctor’s expertise.

Our Austin Functional Medicine Nutritionists are certified, experienced professionals who are committed to creating a new perspective on eating well, managing your weight, preventing disease, eating on the go, making healthy choices at dining establishments, and choosing the best nutritional supplements.

The initial consultation for the Austin nutritional evaluation is 60 minutes, longer if needed. You will have a follow-up consultation after your blood work has returned to get even more specific about the appropriate food plan.

Upon completion, you will be provided with a customized healthy eating plan that takes into account specific medical concerns and lifestyle needs.

If needed, our nutritionist will make arrangements for a grocery store tour and pantry makeover.

Grocery Store Tour:

A grocery store tour involves our Certified Nutritionist personally guiding you through your shopping experience at a local grocery store. They will help you find healthier products while avoiding nutritional traps. You will gain confidence about choosing the right foods for you and your family.

Pantry Makeovers:

A pantry makeover is the reset button for your house. Our Certified Nutritionist will come into your home. They will teach you how to read labels and understand what is really in your food.

Austin Fitness Evaluation

The Austin fitness evaluation involves testing your individual musculoskeletal capabilities. We will test your strength, flexibility, and endurance. This assessment will help us guide you on your physical requirements to achieve wellness or optimization. You may not require any changes to your current fitness program. Or, we may suggest personal training and increased exercise intensity.

After your assessment, we will provide you with specific goals and instructions on how to achieve a healthier, more fit you.