Mae Smith, Office Administration

Mae is the front office hub. She is the voice you hear when you call, and the smiling face you see when you enter our office. She has a background in early childhood development and education with a focus on the Autism Spectrum, as well as studies in business, and has taken those skills and applied them beautifully to keep office organized and running smoothly. If you have any questions about scheduling, test kits, supplement orders, or your health records, she’s your gal.

Mae is a lifelong Texas resident. Born and raised in Houston, she is currently living in Round Rock with her longtime boyfriend Brandon, their two cats (Nelly & Tofu), and their two dogs (Atticus & Annie). She loves the excitement and nightlife of Austin, and the quiet suburbia of her Round Rock neighborhood.

Mae’s dogs, Atticus and Annie.
Mae’s cats, Tofu and Nelly.
Mae and boyfriend, Brandon.