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Going to the gym can be spooky. In fact, the gym can be a scary place for amateurs. There are really big men grunting and throwing weights. There are extremely fit women wearing their spandex and sports. It can be incredibly intimidating even to the regular gym-goer. What you may not realize is that you, as the amateur, have the hardest job. You will make the most amount of change in a short amount of time. You will be more sore than anyone else. You will sweat and breathe harder. Your internal pain meter will be maxed out. Everyone in that gym, whether they admit it or not, is cheering you on. They want to see you get fit and join their jungle. Let Oubre Medical Fitness help ease this transition into your new body with personalized fitness and programs designed with you and your body in mind.

You will have medical oversight at Oubre Medical Fitness, and this is what differentiates us from other fitness programs. We believe that incorporating medical oversight into fitness programs provides you with goals to achieve and the peace of mind that a physician is overseeing your progress. The medical evaluation with our functional medicine physician will help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals with ease. When your body’s hormones and nutrients are optimized, it is prepared to gain muscle and trim fat.18216453_1878768332396902_8545138453163344269_o

As the Oubre Medical Fitness Program grows, we will add other Fitness programs such as boot camps, group training, sports-specific training, Internet fitness app training, and much more.

Our personal trainer has been a certified fitness trainer since 2013.   She is also a certified nutritionist, so she is a perfect choice for getting you fit. For your personal training sessions, she will meet you at a location that is mutually agreeable and functional for fitness: Home, Gym, or Parking Lot. First, she will assess your goals. The two of you will decide which avenue to pursue: body sculpting, weight loss, event training (5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Mud event), or general strength training.

Why is fitness important to my health?

Exercise is a stimulus and message to your body. Imagine that each time you move, walk, or jump, you are writing a letter to your internal organs saying, “Grow muscle, burn energy, increase antioxidant reserve, multiple energy-producing mitochondria!” Adding physical stress to the body is vital to health, wellness, and energy. It helps balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems of the body (the yin and yang). Without enough yin, there’s minimal stimulation of the yang. Exercise stimulates sweating which voids toxins from your tissue and bloodstream.

How will a Functional Medicine Evaluation help me with my fitness program?

The right nutrients allows for adequate protein required to build muscle tissue.  Optimizing vitamins aids your detoxification pathways and gives mitochondria (energy production portion of cells) the building blocks needed to create energy.

Why do I need personal training?

Not everyone needs personal training. However, if you want to be more fit feel lost with your workouts, you should seek one-on-one training with our fitness experts. If you have particular health or fitness goals like weight loss, finishing a 5k, or completing an obstacle course race, we can create fitness programs that help you conquer your goals.

What can I expect from personal training?

You can expect personalized one-on-one sessions with our fitness expert. They will design workouts for you. They will encourage you to go faster, lift more, and push harder throughout your workout. They will not shout at you or force you to do things that you do not want. Working out should never be a negative or forced experience. We focus on positive energy and reinforcement to motivate you through your workout.

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