In-Depth-Medical-History-and-Physical-ExaminationIn Depth Medical History and Physical Examination

The medical history and physical examination is an exhaustive investigation into your personal history as well as your family’s history. In order to adequately assess your personal risks, we need to get detailed information from you. The physical examination will be a complete examination from the hair follicles on your scalp to the skin on the tips of your toes. Continue reading on what to expect the day of your exam. As you will discover, the executive medical evaluation is more thorough than any previous examination that you have ever had.

Medical History:

Our medical history includes a thorough medical, social, and family history to identify your individual potential health risks. We evaluate your prior medical history in detail in order to determine the effects on your overall health. We will discuss your tobacco history, alcohol intake, drug use history, occupational hazards, and level of toxin exposure. Your cancer risk will be investigated in order to evaluate your risk for inherited cancer syndromes like BRCA or Lynch Syndrome. If we identify a genetic link, we will obtain the samples via blood specimen the same day. Moreover, your family history we will determine your inherited cardiovascular risk which will guide your treatment intensity.

Physical Exam:

In addition to the detailed medical history, we do a comprehensive physical exam from head to toe. We will examine every lump, bump, crevice, and valley to look for early signs of disease. We will check for proper eye movement, pupillary response, nasal deviation, oral cancer, gingivitis, heart murmurs, abnormal beats, liver enlargement, hemorrhoids, and toenail fungus. Your blood pressure will be evaluated manually by our expert ancillary staff and repeated if needed. Your heart rate variability will be assessed and skin temperature noted. No stone should be left unturned during your executive physical examination.

Full Body Dermatology Assessment:

We will perform a full body skin check to evaluate for any signs of skin cancer and abnormal moles. We will investigate any personal skin concerns that you may have. If a skin issue is detected that is treatable, we will treat it at the time of the visit. If it is a longer procedure, you may be asked to return to the office for additional procedure time. You should expect to have a cosmetically pleasing outcome with any skin procedures performed.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA):

A Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) will be performed in order to analyze your total body water, muscle mass, and fat mass. The Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) works by sending tiny electrical impulses (painless) through your arms and legs in order to identify your conduction patterns: muscle conducts quickly and fat resists electrical activity. This method of testing will help you determine how much of your weight is based on muscle. Sometimes when beginning an exercise program your weight does not change. In this situation, it is great to repeat the BIA in order to see if your fat percentage has improved despite the scale not moving.