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3/26/20 – Q&A with Dr. Oubre and Staff

3/24/20 COVID-19 Numbers are Doubling and Tripling!

Look at these numbers! Exactly what we feared is happening. Is our isolation too late? Are people not taking it seriously?!

3/22/20 – Lung Capacity and Vital Signs Tracker

Fill out the form above to get my lung capacity tracker. Go to my tracker site to watch more videos:
• How do I use the spreadsheet?
• How do I do a breath holding test?
• How do I properly test my vital signs?
• (Videos coming soon)
Lung Capacity and Vital Signs Tracking Website

3/21/20 – Dr. Joshi on Pulmonary Fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis caused by COVID19.
Interview with Dr. Nish Joshi in London.
What is pulmonary fibrosis?
Who is at risk for it?
How do you know if you’re developing it?
How can you test for it?
What can you do to treat it?

3/21/20 – Q&A with Dr. Oubre

3/20/20 – Influenza vs COVID-19 Video

3/20/20 – Testing Situation at Oubre Medical

Go check out our testing page to understand which tests we have available for patients and non-patients as well as how much the tests cost.
COVID-19 Testing Page

3/19/20 – Q&A with Dr. Oubre

3/19/20 – Explainer Graphic for Flattening the Curve

Understanding this contagion and how it is spreading can help give you sanity into why all the craze about social distancing.
This is a great simulator to help you understand flattening the curve.
It is a live graphic on their website, and it’s fun to watch the dots change colors!
Are you helping to flatten or spike it?

3/18/20 – COVID-19 Map by Johns Hopkins

Click here to see full dashboard with cases by country.

3/17/20 – Office Open for Business

3/16/20 – Overview of COVID-19