Christi Kempf | Practice Manager

Christi Kempf

I began my journey in the medical field through medical coding and health insurance. I have seen firsthand the chasm that has developed between patients and the healthcare system. Even though there are newer aspects of the insurance model that are helping patients, functional medicine has nurtured my love for being proactive. I am ecstatic that this patient health awareness mindset is on the rise, and patients now want to take control of their health. We can choose not to wait for an illness to develop. Instead of reactive, we are proactive!

As an administrator to a Functional Medicine Provider my first priority is making sure that the business side of our healthcare is as easy as it can be for our patients and my provider. For most patients, seeing a provider that has a functional medicine approach can be different than the traditional means of care.  Often because of these differences, there tends to be more questions regarding practice and process.  These questions need to be answered and it is my pleasure to ensure that we have those answers for our patients.

I myself have begun incorporating functional medicine into my own family’s daily choices. You can definitely say that that I drank the proverbial “Kool-Aide”.  I am always willing to share my experiences, new and old. If you would like, I am also willing to share my lab results.

On the personal side, I have a wonderful husband that is a foreman with a fire suppression company, and we have two Shih Tzus Rusty and Riley. Rusty is a retired pet therapy dog that worked at Westminster Manor; Riley is a new addition to our family that we discovered may be too diva to volunteer.

A defining factor in my life comes from my military upbringing. I served as a dependent, and my career began at Bergstrom Air Force Base. I was fortunate enough to have lived on multiple continents, but I am an Austinite through and through. I try to keep active with running and swimming. I also enjoy light lifting. I have been running Town Lake “Lady Bird Lake” my whole life.