How to Unlock MTHFR and the Methylation Cycle

23andme packThe MTHFR Gene SNP (or snip) has received celebrity status. If any one person is to know a single gene mutation, it is the MTHFR gene. Instead of knowing the life-altering genes such as cystic fibrosis, neurofibromatosis, and sickle cell genes, most people know about MTHFR. It has become wildly popular among patients, doctors, and researchers.

icebergThe MTHFR gene is the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. Since understanding the role of MTHFR, scientists have unlocked the methylation pathway, and they have given clinicians some new tools in combating inflammation, mental health, bowel dysfunction, detoxification, and much more. There is more to the methylation cycle than just the MTHFR gene. Too much focus on one gene takes away from the complexity of a human. Rarely is a human’s problem the source of 1 gene mutation like sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, and neurofibromatosis. It is unlikely that MTHFR is your sole problem, especially since 70% of the population has at least 1 copy of “the problem.” Let’s spend some time talking about the rest of the methylation cycle and why it is important to unlock it.

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