How to Cure a Hangover with an IV

alcohol1I think all of us know all too well the symptoms of a hangover … some more than others. Some with a more recent reminder than others. I won’t point any fingers or name any names here. Let’s just talk about how to fix it.

The amount of cottonmouth, headache, fatigue, brain fog, nausea, and hot flashes are usually directly proportional to the amount of fun that you had the night before. I’m not saying that the amount of alcohol consumed should equate to the amount of fun that you have, but let’s be honest here, they correlate very well.

There are several reasons for the “hangover.” Simply put, it can be divided into 3 main causes: dehydration, acid build-up, and toxin accumulation. Therefore, the treatment is rehydration, acid removal, and detoxification which can be done with a Glutathione Infusion and additional intravenous fluids.


Dehydration is the leading problem with a hangover. Your body is 80% water, and your trillions of cells have the remarkable ability to shrivel up. They donate their internal water supply in order to keep enough water in your blood stream. Your cells know that if blood flow stops flowing, nutrients aren’t delivered and death is inevitable. Therefore, they will give every drop that they can in order to survive. How much would you pay a shipping company to bring you water in the desert when you’re dying of dehydration? Everything you own!

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