Fever Phobia

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Attention: Helicopter Parents Stop chasing your kid around with a thermometer! Fevers do not need to be squashed, and your

Thyroid-reducing Foods

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Eat more vegetables by adding them to your eggs in the morning. Change it up every week, so you can

Stress Affects Gut Function

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Stress is causing your reflux, indigestion, and bloating. How?! The adrenals make cortisol. Stress stimulates cortisol. Cortisol suppresses stomach mucous

Saving Money at the Pharmacy. Tips from a doctor.


Tips from a doctor on how to save money at the pharmacy. 1) GoodRx App 2) Ask for cash price

Sinus Infection or Sinus Migraine?

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Your recurrent sinus infections may actually be migraines. Sinus migraines can mimic sinus infections because they cause stuffy nose, sinus

Sweet Talk with Dr. Ruan

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Cheng Ruan, MD and I discuss sweeteners, sugar, and fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is going to be the