Benefits of Being Quarantined (Part 4)


Vanessa here, back again with another recipe. My boyfriend made a grocery run for us the other day (he wore

Benefits of Being Quarantined (Part 3)


I went to Whole Foods right before I started showing symptoms of COVID-19, and while the entire store was pretty

Benefits of Being Quarantined (Part 2)


What is it about being stuck at home that makes everyone want to break their diets, or eat something they

Benefits of Being Quarantined


On 3/17/2020 I (Vanessa Goldberg) decided to self quarantine. I felt very mild symptoms, and decided it would be best

Three perspectives on the Covid-19 from Dr. Oubre’s Practice


First perspective is from Donna, the Mental Health Counselor: Everyone reacts to stressors differently, and the patients in our practice

10 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar

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10 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar Eat more fat. Most people focus on what to remove from the diet instead

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