Austin Concierge Medical ServicesConcierge Medical Services

Have you ever noticed that bad things always happen after hours?
  • You lacerate your hand on a broken dish at 10pm at night.
    • Lacerations heal optimally and look better when stitched quickly.
  • You begin projectile vomiting at 2am and do not have any ondansetron.
    • Anti-nausea medications can be injected or called in by a physician to halt vomiting.
  • You wake up at with excruciating abdominal pain, and Google tells you it is appendicitis.
    • You need to be evaluated by a physician immediately.
  • Two days of intermittent diarrhea that you finally realize has dehydrated you after work on Friday evening.
    • IV fluids restore energy and vitality quickly.
  • On Saturday, you open up your medicine cabinet and realize that you have already taken your last dose of your blood pressure medicine, and your doctor specifically told you to never run out.
    • A doctor can quickly call in refills of your prescription.
  • While on vacation, you develop a urinary tract infection or skin infection.
    • In order to minimize downtown, a phone call to a dedicated physician could save you hours of lost vacation finding and waiting at an Urgent Care.
  • Waking up on Saturday morning and realizing that you drank one too many drinks last night.
    • You don’t have time or energy for a hangover to hold you down. An IV infusion of Glutathione or Myers’ Cocktail can hasten recovery.

In all of these situations, you would like to have a physician on call to help you recover from illness with minimal suffering. Concierge Medicine at Oubre Medical is designed to be that service and more.

As a patient of the Concierge Medical services at Oubre Medical, your healthcare is a priority to us. You will have the physician’s cell phone number and email address to help you handle any emergent needs. You will also have a medical specialist to help you with any and all of your medical needs. Because of the high quality service that we will be providing to our Concierge Medicine patients, we will only accept a limited number of patients into the service at all times. If we do not have space, we can place you on the waiting list and contact you when space is available.

Physician Services:

  • Private service at the location of your choice (home, office, or Oubre Medical facility).
  • Cell phone and Email access 24 / 7
  • Urgent care services 24 / 7 (Cough, Cold, Flu, Fever)
  • Skin infection evaluation (drainage, if required)
  • New Prescriptions and refills
  • At-Home Vitamin Infusions (additional fees)
  • Sutures or Stitching of Lacerations
  • Ordering X-Rays after hours

Concierge Medical Administrator Services:

  • Picking up and delivering prescriptions.
  • Appointment scheduling assistance.
  • Loading weekly pill containers with vitamins and prescriptions.
  • Buying and delivery of supplements.
  • Scheduling and administering fluids or vitamin infusions.
  • Urgent care needs: On site pick-up of urine samples, strep throat screens, flu check swabs.
  • Administration of injectable medications (testosterone, B12, Phenergan, etc).
  • Administration of nebulized medications for asthma or COPD (Albuterol, DuoNeb).

How much does Concierge Medical Services cost at Oubre Medical?

Contact our office for pricing:
(512) 829-1104