Parents: Help end your infant’s suffering. Use of this SPECIFIC probiotic decreased crying significantly!
How nice would it be if you could give your colicky infant a simple probiotic? How happy would you feel if your infant felt better and cried less?

The probiotic: Bifidobacterium animals subspecies BB-12

You must get THIS specific probiotic as other probiotics have not shown the same benefit. There are probably more that will help, but this one is studied and proven.

Infants treated with this probiotic cried for 50% less time than their counterparts given placebo over 28 days.
In addition, their stools showed several improved factors:
1) Decreased stooling frequency
2) Increase in butyrate levels
3) Decrease secretory IgA levels
4) Decrease in fecal calprotectin levels

Butyrate is a component that feeds the intestinal cell lining and is a marker of a healthy gut.

Secretory IgA is a reaction of the immune system to inflammation and overgrowth in the bowels.

Fecal calprotectin is an inflammatory marker that the immune system is very angry, and it is actively trying to kill foreign invaders.

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I loved Pop-Tarts as a kid!  They were so easy to grab and go for breakfast as you headed to the bus or you could pop in the toaster on weekends when you had extra time.  They are low in saturated fat, made with real fruit and all things considered, low in sodium.  It even states on the box that they are a good source of three B vitamins which sounds much more delicious than taking a B vitamin every morning. 
Unfortunately, the beautiful box and yummy contents don’t pack much of a nutritional punch.  In actuality, those pop-tarts are filled with anti-nutrients starting with artificial colors and flavors which can create all kinds of reactions in your (or your child’s body).  High fructose corn syrup and refined flour are nothing more than a quick sugar fix followed by a sugar crash which leaves your liver and adrenals reeling.  It’s been said that often the box is more nutritious than the contents and Pop-tarts definitely fall into that category.  Parents, feel good as you  help your children’s overall health by not stocking the pantry with Pop-tarts.

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